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The dropper pipette


A dropper pipette is a thin tube (a few mm in diameter) made of plastic, usually graduated, with a closed end in the form of a reservoir and the other end open with a pointed tip. It is for single use.


A dropper pipette has the same use as a glass Pasteur pipette: it is used to transfer a small volume of liquid (approximate volume, ranging from a few drops to a few mL).
To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. the pipette is vented
  2. press down on the reservoir, and keep it pressed
  3. insert the pipette into the liquid to be withdrawn
  4. release the pressure on the reservoir gently and completely: the liquid should gradually rise in the pipette
  5. then hold the pipette over the container into which the liquid is to be transferred, and gradually squeeze the reservoir to deliver the liquid that is inside the pipette (holding the tip of the pipette so that it touches the wall of the container will facilitate the transfer).
Information pictogram
The graduation indicated on the dropper pipette makes it possible to approximately estimate the volume withdrawn and delivered.
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