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The wash bottle


A wash bottle is a plastic container with a dip tube, a curved pouring tube, and a screw cap to ensure a tight seal.


A wash bottle is used to hold different liquids: water or various solvents. Generally water wash bottles are white - solvent wash bottles are colored: red (acetone), green (methanol), blue (ethanol).
It is important to use the right wash bottle for the liquid to be poured in, especially since some plastics are not suitable for use with organic solvents.
It is also important to make sure that the contents of the bottle are clearly marked on it to prevent misuse.

A wash bottle is used to deliver the liquid it contains mainly for three applications:

  • Rinsing glassware
  • Rinsing an electrode
  • Filling a volumetric flask
  • Attention pictogram
    Do not touch the tip of the wash bottle with your fingers, and do not press it against the container when delivering the solution (risk of contamination, which could then falsify certain analyses).
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