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The funnel


A funnel is a flared, conical utensil with a neck. It is usually made of glass, but plastic funnels are also available.

Funnels come in several sizes. Depending on the model, the stem is more or less long and more or less narrow. In addition, there are funnels for liquids, others for solids (the latter have short and very wide stems).


A funnel is used to transfer a liquid or a solid from one container to another. It is often recommended to rinse the funnel with the appropriate solution (water or solvent as appropriate) to avoid losses on the funnel (especially when transferring solids).

Warning pictogram
Choose the size of the funnel adapted to the quantity of product to be transferred.
Information pictogram
To transfer a solid in small pieces or powder form, choose a wide stem funnel to avoid clogging it.
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