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The weighing funnel


A weighing funnel is a small glass (or plastic) utensil, wide and flared (resembling a hoof) and with a tubular end.
There are different sizes.


A weighing funnel is used to weigh small amounts of solids (powdered). It is usually tared beforehand, before being put on the scale. Then the solid can be deposited in the weighing funnel for weighing.

After weighing, the solid is generally transferred directly into a container (e.g. a volumetric flask). It is necessary to rinse the weighing funnel with the liquid used to make the solution (water or solvent, as appropriate) to avoid losses in the weighing funnel (e.g. using a wash bottle).

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Similar in use to a cup, the weighing funnel has the practical advantage of facilitating the transfer of the powder, thanks to its tubular end which can easily be inserted directly into the neck of a volumetric flask.
For more information on how to use a weighing funnel:
read the sheet on A guide to weighing
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