Picture of a roll of parafilm Accessories

The parafilm


Parafilm "M" is a plastic film, malleable and stretchable. It is for single use.

It is delivered in a cardboard box, as a roll, and covered on one side with a very thin plastic film, to remove (and discard) before using the parafilm.


Parafilm "M" is essential in a chemistry laboratory. It is used to cover and close various containers (beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks, volumetric flasks), to partially protect them (but not hermetically). It must be stretched before being applied to the opening of the container to be closed.

Information pictogram
This is the side of the parafilm initially protected by the thin film that must be placed on the inside of the container to be closed.
Warning pictogram
Parafilm is sensitive to organic solvents: the vapors of these can dissolve some parafilm compounds, and lead to contamination of the sample or the solution kept in a closed container with parafilm.
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