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The magnetic stirrer


A magnetic stirrer is an electrical device. It consists of a block that contains a magnet, surmounted by a plate. The magnet is set in rotation by means of a motor. A knob on the front of the agitator allows you to manually adjust the speed of rotation of the magnet. In some cases, the plate can also be heated by means of a thermostat. This is called a hot plate magnetic stirrer..


A magnetic stirrer automatically stirs a solution. The latter is placed in a container (glass or plastic) either above (e.g. round-bottom flask) or directly on the agitator plate (e.g. volumetric flask, beaker, Erlenmeyer flask), with a magnetic stir bar inside it.

It is necessary to adjust the speed of rotation of the magnet using the knob so that the solution can be stirred effectively.

To see an illustration of the use of a magnetic stirrer:
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