Metrology: a necessity!

Metrology is the “science of measurement and its application”, whatever the field of application (chemistry, biochemistry, physics, biology, engineering sciences). It encompasses both experimental and theoretical aspects of measurement.
Mastery of metrology in a laboratory is essential to obtain reliable results. This applies to research laboratories, as well as control and routine laboratories.

Metrology in a laboratory is crucial to ensure quality control and confidence in the results produced by the laboratory.

Illustration: 4 vegetables are stopped at the border by 2 customs officers. The first one asks: what are your pesticide analysis results? The other asks: where is your certificate of compliance with the maximum residue limits of pesticides?


Information pictogram
For example, in foodstuffs, maximum residues levels (MRLs) are required for pesticides. The analytical results of these foodstuffs must comply with these MRLs, especially when imported. In case of non-conformity, foodstuffs are rejected at border controls. It is therefore crucial that the analytical results are reliable and that the laboratory can give evidence of this reliability.
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