Incidents Emergency Techniques
Swallowed products
  • Rinse the mouth
  • Do not encourage to drink
  • Do not encourage to throw up
If a chemical comes into contact with the eye
  • Hold the eye open and rinse under cold or lukewarm running water, head tilted, contaminated eye below the unaffected eye
Thermal burns
  • Rinse immediately under cold running water, 15 minutes
  • Keep clothes stuck to the skin
Chemical burns
  • Rinse immediately under cold running water
  • Remove the contaminated clothes without touching the face
  • Hold a compress against the cut to stop the bleeding
  • Have the person sit down and reassure him/her
  • Smother the fire
  • On somebody: lay the person down and cover him/her with a fire blanket
Inhalation of an irritant or toxic gas
  • Take the person outside to breathe fresh air
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