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The rubber bulb


A rubber bulb is a small rubber utensil (a few cm long), with a cylindrical hollow inside.


A rubber bulb is usually placed on the top of a glass Pasteur pipette. It allows a small volume of liquid to be taken from the pipette and transferred to a container.
Its implementation is done in several stages:

  1. insert the Pasteur pipette into the rubber bulb
  2. press down on the rubber bulb, and keep it pressed down
  3. insert the pipette into the liquid to be removed
  4. release the pressure on the rubber bulb gently and completely: the liquid should gradually rise in the pipette
  5. then hold the pipette over the container into which the liquid is to be transferred, and then gradually squeeze the bulb to deliver the liquid contained within the pipette (touch the wall of the container with the tip of the pipette to facilitate the transfer).
Attention pictogram
Gently push the Pasteur pipette into the bulb to avoid breaking the (fragile) pipette and thus injuring yourself.
Attention pictogram
As in the case of a pipette filler, avoid getting liquid inside the bulb as this can affect its proper functioning.
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