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CHIMACTIV is a standalone website offering interactive digital learning resources in the field of the chemical analysis of complex media (ex: food, drugs, biological media).

This website has been ex nihilo created by a plural team composed of Professors and Associate Professors from three institutions of the Université Paris-Saclay (AgroParisTech, Université Paris-Sud and ENS Paris-Saclay), as well as one multimedia engineer in relation to an infographist and a web developer.

This website received financial support from the Université Paris-Saclay within the scope of the framework of three successive calls for proposals : « Digital training » over the 2014-2016 period, « Educational initiatives – Transform » over 2017-2018, and then again « Educational initiatives – Transform » over 2019-2020.

Opened in December 2016 with 21 sections available in French version, the website was implemented with an English version in June 2018, and further updated with new sections in April 2019. It offers today 30 sections in bilingual versions (French / English).

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