Choosing and developing an extraction method

Choice of technique

The extraction technique that is implemented should be adapted to the context of the given application. Two selection criteria are important: the nature of the matrix, and the nature of the compounds to be extracted. Theoretically, several techniques can be used. In practice, the final choice is also governed by the equipment available in the laboratory in question.

Choice of the technique

Nature of the matrix?

The physical state of the matrix is the first thing to take into consideration – indeed, most extraction techniques are suitable for either liquid or solid matrices./p>

Coumpounds to be extracted?

Most of the time, extraction methods are developed to recover a particular compound of interest from a sample. We therefore have a priori knowledge of the nature of the compound(s) to be extracted.

Knowing the values of somcertaine physicochemical parameters (Sw, Kow, Pv and KH) is very useful in the choice of the extraction technique to be implemented, as well as the operating conditions (e.g. certain techniques are specifically designed for the extraction of volatile compounds).

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