Fire extinguishers

Picture showing two fire extinguishers: one is marked CO2 fire extinguisher, the other water + additive fire extinguisher
The use of fire extinguishers requires training. If possible, let a trained person use it.
Classes of fire and types of fire extinguishers
More information about the different classes of fire and types of fire extinguishers can be found here: Classes of fire and types of fire extinguishers

Quick operating instructions
If you have to use a fire extinguisher, its content, instructions for use and the classes of fire it can extinguish are written on its side. Read this before use!

Personal care

Two pictograms representing a shower for the body and a shower for the eyes Photo of a laboratory shower
Emergency shower + eyewash
The emergency shower is useful for chemical or thermal burns. User instructions are very simple and displayed close by. If possible, never use fire extinguishers on people.
Photo showing an anti-fire cover in its packaging, as well as a red pictogram showing a person lying with a flame next to a person standing with a blanket
Fire blanket
A fire blanket can be wrapped around a person on fire. It replaces the emergency shower where it is not available, but it is not as efficient (no cooling, and not effective for chemical burns) User instructions are shown on the container.
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