How to perform a calibration

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Illustration of an ace of hearts card, accompanied by a bubble bearing the mention "Choice of the concentration range".

Selection criteria:
1- Linear range of the instrument if known: the range of concentrations for the calibration should preferably be within this linear range to ensure that a calibration curve can be plotted (see figure)
2- Range of concentrations of the compound to be dosed in the sample: ideally it should be towards the middle of the standard range.

Warning pictogram

If the concentration of the compound in the sample is outside of the concentration range of the calibration, the measurement of the sample will not be reliable: therefore, either dilute the sample for re-analysis or repeat the calibration interval
Illustration of a graph with an ordinate "Measurements" and an abscissa "Concentrations". It shows an increasing and linear line on a certain area. This one is delimited and is called the domain of linearity. Beyond this area the curve is no longer linear and the growth slows down.
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