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Determination of NO2- ions using spectrophotometry

Equipment and reagents

  • Standard laboratory equipment, in particular: volumetric flasks, spectro cuvettes, Erlenmeyer flasks
  • A spectrophotometer
  • Orthophosphoric acid solution (H3PO4) at 1.5 mol.L-1
  • Diazotization reagent*
  • Nitrite aqueous solution at 100 mg.L-1 (stock solution)
  • Nitrite calibration solution at 1 mg.L-1
* Composition for 1 L:
    100 mL of orthophosphoric acid
    2 g of dichloride of N-(naphtyl-1) diamino-1,2 ethane
    40 g of amino-4 benzenesulfonamide
    Ultrapure water to make up to 1 L
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